Understand the process of configuring Spark Application

  • Apache Spark Application Name
  • Number of Apache Spark Driver Cores
  • Driver’s Maximum Result Size
  • Driver’s Memory
  • Executors’ Memory
  • Spark’s Extra Listeners
  • Local Directory
  • Log Spark Configuration
  • Spark Master
  • Deploy Mode of Spark Driver
  • Log App Information
  • Spark Driver Supervise Action
  • Name of the Property: spark.driver.cores
  • Default value: 01
  • Exception: This property is considered only within-cluster mode.
  • Name of the property: spark.driver.maxResultSize
  • Default value: 1 GB
  • Exception: Min value 1MB
  • Property Name : spark.driver.memory
  • Default value: Its 1g or 1 GB
  • Exception: In case, the spark application is yielded in client mode, the property has to be set through the command line option –driver-memory.




Big Data,ios,android,Spark

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Big Data,ios,android,Spark

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