What is SSAS?

Key Features of SSAS:

  • Ease of use with many wizards and designers
  • Data model creation and management is flexible
  • OLAP handling from scalable architecture
  • Customize application from extensive support
  • Speed
  • Shared metadata
  • Security
  • Multidimensional analysis
  • Avoid resource contention with the source system
  • Consolidate from multiple sources

What is OLAP Cube? Uses of OLAP Cube.

  • Open SSMS 2008
  • Connect the database engine
  • Open new query editor
  • Paste the SQL script here
  • Press F5 to run the script
  • It will create and populate the “Sales_DW” database.
  • Select the SQL server name where we created the data warehouse
  • Select server authentication mode
  • Enter your username and password to connect SQL Serve
  • Select database Sales_DW
  • Test connection –> OK.
  • Product Name Drag & Drop into Column
  • Full Date UK Drag & Drop into Row Field
  • FactProductSalesCount drag and drop this measure in Detail field




Big Data,ios,android,Spark

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Big Data,ios,android,Spark

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