Sailpoint ServiceNow Ticket creation for automated provisioning applications

Scenario: On Termination of employee, required to create ticket not only for disconneted applications but also for the applications that feature provisioning using sailpoint.


1- ServiceNow out of the box integration config supports provisioning for the applications that are marked as managed resource in ServiceNow Service ingration Module.

Out of the box behaviour for any workflow, i.e “LCM Provisioning”, “Lifecycle Event — Leaver” are to create tickets to catalog items associated with these applications, and even “googleMaps connected App” is connected application that supports provisioning in Sailpoint, it will create a serviceNow ticket for it and wait until that ticket is closed.

above is not a required, ACME need to create an open/close ticket only after Sailpoint is done with provisioning.

Solution Architecture: Tap the provisioning workflow with some rule, that creates an additional integration provisioning plan for connected applications and execute the plan using ServiceNow Service Integration Configuration.


1- Remove connected App from <ManagedResource> and leave only the disconnected applications in there.

2- keep mapping of catalog items for connected application.

3- As “Lifecycle Event — Leaver” workflow uses “Identity Request Provision” workflow, add a rule step between “Post Provision” and “Manual Actions” and provision an additional integration plan, and execute it using serviceNow service integratiin.

4- expected result is: creation of provisioning workitems in sailpoint for both connected and disconnected applications, provisioning completed for connected applications, ticket created for both connected and disconnected applications in ServiceNow.

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