Publish Power BI report and export it to SharePoint site

Problem Statement:

After developing reports in Power BI, how to export it to SharePoint site.


Power BI provide unique URL for every report developed under it. We have to used that URL to export Power BI report in web application.

Following are the steps to export the reports from Power BI to SharePoint (or any web application):

Step 1: Once you developed reports, go to “Home” tab and click on “Publish” button.

Step 2: After successful publishing, “Success” window will appear. In same window, you will get link to open report online. Click on that link.

Step 3: After opening report online, click on “File” menu then select “Publish to web”.
(If your using SharePoint 2016, then click on “Embed in SharePoint” option, copy the link and update in newly introduce web-part for Power BI).

Step 4: Copy iframe URL.

Step 5: Now go to SharePoint site, edit page where you want to show Power BI report. Click on “Edit Source”, paste iframe URL (copy in Step 4).

Step 6: and save the page. Power BI report will get display as shown in below screen shot.

Note: In SharePoint 2016, new web-part is introduce for displaying Power BI reports. So for that, you can directly copy & paste first URL show in Step 4.

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