How to embed Power BI reports into an application?

  • Take the demo download
  • Open the .pbix report sample on the Power BI Desktop
  • Report from Sample Power BI Desktop
  • In the workspace, publish.
  • You can now access the report online using the Power BI service.
  • Display a report from a Power BI Desktop
  • Build and post your Power BI reports with page numbers
  • Use the Power BI Report Builder to generate your page Power BI reports. You can then upload the report to a workspace with at least a P1 capacity allocated. To post to a workspace, the end-user uploading the report must have a Power BI Pro license.
  • For demonstration purposes, this sample is intentionally kept plain.
  • To start embedding your content using the sample application, follow the steps below.
  • Digital Studio Download (version 2013 or later). Be sure to download the new kit for NuGet.
  • To get started, download the User Owns Data sample from GitHub.
  • User Owns Sample of Data Application
  • In the sample program, open the Cloud. config file.
  • To run the application, there are fields that you need to fill in.




Big Data,ios,android,Spark

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Big Data,ios,android,Spark

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